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Mohammad Javad Gholamreza Kashi

Political Sciences/Allameh Tabataba'i University


Abbas Manochehri

Political Science/Tarbiat Modares University/Tehran/Iran


Reza Najafzadeh

Political Science/Shahid Beheshti University (SBU)/Tehran/Iran


Aliashraf Nazar

Political Science/Faculty of Law and Politica Science/ University of Tehran/Tehran/ Iran


Mohammad Mahdi Mojahedi

Political Science/(Islamic Azad University Tehran Science and Research Branch)/Tehran/Iran


Hassan Abniki

Political Science/Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch/Tehran/Iran



Hamid Malekzadeh

Political Science/Faculty of Law and Political Science/University of Tehran/ Iran


Malekzadeh is the author of I Am A Not-Others: An Inquiry in Concreteness of the Political Subject (Pajvak, Tehran: 2014) and Embodiment and The Transcendental Basis of Politics: An Essay in Political Ontology (Gam-e-Nou [New Step]: forthcoming 2021). He is also the translator of Toward a Phenomenology of Sexual Difference: Husserl, Merleau Ponty, Beauvoir by Sara Heinämaa (Gam-e-Nou [New Step]: 2021).

Hossein Mesbahian

Ph.D Western Philosophy The University of Tehran,, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Department of Philosophy


Hossein Mesbahian, former post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, is now an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Tehran, Iran, working on the project “Disciplining Philosophy in Iran: Past and Future.” His research over the last decade has focused on non-Western perspectives on Western contemporary continental philosophy and philosophical issues, notably examining concepts of subjectivity, universality, modernity, identity, university, and the future of philosophy as a discipline.

He has published numerous articles concerning these issues, among them: A Philosopher Against Philosophy (Tehran: Kouchak, 2007, in Farsi). With Norris, T., Dieter Misgeld: From Hermeneutics of the Ancient Text to the Text of Emancipatory Politics (Montreal: Black Rose Books, forthcoming). With D. Misgeld & T. Norris, “A Philosopher’s Journey from Hermeneutics to Emancipatory Politics,” Paideusis: International Journal in Philosophy of Education, 19:2 (2010), 86-97. “Modernity and its Other: The Logic of Inclusive Exclusion,” Falsafeh (Journal of Philosophy), University of Tehran, 38:1 (Spring & Summer 2010), 165-190. “A New Critical Theory? Habermas and the Search for the Normative Foundations,” Falsafeh (Journal of Philosophy), University of Tehran, 37:2 (Summer 2009), 35-61. “Cogito, Madness and Writing,” Falsafeh (Journal of Philosophy), University of Tehran, 36:3 (Autumn 2008), 25-42, “From Suspicion to Affirmation: Paul Ricoeur and a Genetic Phenomenology of Ideology,” Falsafeh, (Journal of Philosophy), University of Tehran, 36:1 (Spring 2008), 21-47 For more details, please click on : Hossein Mesbahian,Curriculum Vitae


Hamid Malekzadeh

Political Science The University of Tehran, Faculty of Law and Political science


Editorial Board

Ahmad Bostani

Political Science استادیاراندیشه سیاسی سیاسی در گروه علوم سیاسی دانشگاه خوارزمی


Ahmad Bostani is an assistant professor of political theories at Kharazmi University, Tehran. He holds a PhD in political thought from TMU, Tehran. His expertise includes continental political philosophy, comparative political theory, and Islamic philosophy. In recent years, he has been focusing on the study of political theology with a phenomenological approach. Some of his recent publications include “Rethinking Political Theology in the Islamic Context” Islamic Political Theology (Lexington Books, 2021);” Populism and Political Theology” Populism (Franz Steiner Verlag 2021); “Cosmic Hermeneutics: A Critical Appraisal” Philosophical Hermeneutics and Islamic Thought (Springer 2021).