Call For Papers

Call for Papers

 The Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology2024

3rd Issue

Phenomenology: The Basic Concepts


The Iranian Society for Phenomenology is intending to publish the 3rd Issue of “the Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology” in Iran, In Partnership with the Iranian Political Science Association and Gam-e-Nou(New Step) Publisher. We invite all interested researchers who might be willing to contribute to this edited book volume. Authors should submit their final draft (in Persian or English) no later than January 20, 2024, to the official website of the Yearbook: (  


The Editors-in-Chief of this series are Hossein Mesbahian(Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Toronto and  Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Tehran and Hamid Malekzadeh (Ph.D. in Political Theory, University of Tehran). He has published numerous articles concerning these issues, among them: A Philosopher Against Philosophy (Tehran: Kouchak, 2007, in Farsi). With Norris, T., Dieter Misgeld: From Hermeneutics of the Ancient Text to the Text of Emancipatory Politics (Montreal: Black Rose Books, forthcoming). With D. Misgeld & T. Norris, “A Philosopher’s Journey from Hermeneutics to Emancipatory Politics,” Paideusis: International Journal in Philosophy of Education, 19:2 (2010), 86-97. “Modernity and its Other: The Logic of Inclusive Exclusion,” Falsafeh (Journal of Philosophy), University of Tehran, 38:1 (Spring & Summer 2010), 165-190. “A New Critical Theory? Habermas and the Search for the Normative Foundations,” Falsafeh (Journal of Philosophy), University of Tehran, 37:2 (Summer 2009), 35-61. “Cogito, Madness and Writing,” Falsafeh (Journal of Philosophy), University of Tehran, 36:3 (Autumn 2008), 25-42, “From Suspicion to Affirmation: Paul Ricoeur and a Genetic Phenomenology of Ideology,” Falsafeh, (Journal of Philosophy), University of Tehran, 36:1 (Spring 2008), 21-47 

Malekzadeh is the author of I Am A Not-Others: An Inquiry in Concreteness of the Political Subject (Pajvak, Tehran: 2014) and Embodiment and The Transcendental Basis of Politics: An Essay in Political Ontology (Gam-e-Nou [New Step]: forthcoming 2021). He is also the translator of Toward a Phenomenology of Sexual Difference: Husserl, Merleau Ponty, Beauvoir by Sara Heinämaa (Gam-e-Nou [New Step]: 2021).


The Yearbook is to be published by Gam-e-Nou (New Step) publishing and the Iranian Society for Phenomenology (ISP) within the Iranian Political Science Association (IPSA). There will be two peer reviews dedicated to each paper submitted to the volume, and these will be double-blind with both the reviewer and author's identities concealed. To facilitate this, authors need to ensure that their manuscripts are prepared in a way that does not give away their identity.


The editors, in association with the Gam-e-Nou (New Step) Publishing Corporation and the Iranian Political Science Association, invite interested researchers to contribute to the inaugural Iranian Yearbook of Phenomenology:

Mohammad Javad Gholamreza Kashi (Allameh Tabataba'i University)

Abbas Manochehri (Tarbiat Modarres University)

Reza Najafzadeh (Shahid Beheshti University)

Aliashraf Nazari (University of Tehran)

Mohammad Mahdi Mojahedi (Islamic Azad University Tehran Science and Research Branch)

Hassan Ab Niki (Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch)


 Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

> Ego and Transcendentality

> Experience and Its Structure

> Empathy and the Other I

> Intention and Intentionality

> Other and Otherness

> Natural Attitude and Natural Concept of the World

> Intersubjectivity and Transcendental We

> The Phenomenological Reduction

> Judgment

> Ego, Alter Ego, and Being Social

> Memory and the Problem of Time

> Subject/Object, and Inter-Subjective Basis of Natural Attitude

> Life-World and the Surrounding World

> The Whole: Its Parts and Their Relations

> Body and Embodiment

> Phenomenological Conciseness of Time and Space

> Science and the Possibility of Phenomenological Science

> Truth and Ontology

> Meaning and Husserl’s Theory of Meaning

> Noema, Meaning, and Object

> Crisis and Mathematization

> Meaning and Intuition


How to submit

  • Authors should submit their papers (in Persian or English) no later than January 20, 2024, to the Yearbook:(
    • Papers must not be more than 9,500 words (including abstract, footnotes/endnotes, bibliography, etc.). Authors may submit their final draft at this address (
    •  Papers in English will be translated into Persian by our editorial team and will be published in Persian. Free and open access to English papers will be provided online as soon as the printed version is published.